Explore These  Hair-Raising Nevada Ghost Towns

Nevada has many ghost towns. Most have earned this status because they were once booming mining or gold rush towns.

Some have buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, while others are just rubble. Let’s explore a few Nevada ghost towns, learn about their histories, and if they’re worth visiting today.

Paradise Valley School still serves children from kindergarten through eighth grade. You’ll see plenty of the original buildings still standing, although most are boarded up.

Paradise Valley

In Eldorado Canyon, in Clark County off Highway 165, you’ll find a former gold mine called Techatticup. It was once the largest and most productive mine in the Colorado Mining District.


Blair, once a mining boom-town, had a post office from 1906 to 1915 before everyone deserted the area by 1920. A few stone buildings and the foundation of the old mill remain.


Austin, at one time, had a population of 10,000. When the silver boom ended, the town was nearly deserted. Today, residents have found a new mineral worth mining: turquoise.


In 1961, Fort Churchill became a National Historic Landmark. It has a visitors center, a small campground, and hiking trails at the Fort Churchill State Historic Park.

Fort Churchill

The historic district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. If you visit, you can stop by three open businesses: Susie’s Attic, Sticks and Stones, and Dirty Dick’s Belmont Saloon.


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