Does Netflix’s New ‘Home Address’ Policy Screw RVers?

Many RVers use Netflix to watch shows and trending documentaries. However, Netflix is in the process of instituting a new policy that might make that a little bit more difficult in the future.

If you’re an RVer and enjoy watching Netflix while on the road, you better pay attention. You could end up staring at a “locked out” screen soon. Let’s dive in and look at this new Netflix policy!

Netflix is a popular subscription streaming service that provides various content for subscribers. TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more on the platform.

What Is Netflix?

Some experts suggest that Netflix loses somewhere between 5 to 6 billion dollars in yearly revenue due to password sharing. Just like any business, they have bills and employees to pay too.

Why Is Netflix Changing Its Policies?

Netflix has begun rolling out new policies to crack down on password sharing. The policy requires members to set a primary viewing location for their account. 

What Is the New Netflix Policy?

If members want to share an account with someone living outside the primary location, they can add them for a small fee. The new policy allows for “trusted devices” and users to request temporary codes for seven viewing days.

If this policy becomes a reality in the United States, it will likely make it difficult for RVers to use the service.

How Does the Netflix Policy Screw RVers? 

Netflix would likely detect that they’re no longer in the same location when they move from campground to campground.

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