10 Key Tips For Negotiating The Best RV Price

Nobody wants to overpay for anything they buy, much less an expensive purchase like an RV. Many people don’t know how to negotiate the best RV price.

The time you spend in negotiations could result in saving thousands of dollars when buying an RV. If you are looking to buy any time soon, here are important guidelines you must follow to negotiate the best price.

Do plenty of research before ever stepping foot onto the lot at the RV dealership. Once you have decided on the type of RV you plan to purchase, start looking online to get an idea of what they are selling for.

Do Your Homework

The RV industry is cyclical, and RV prices reflect that. Only a few people are camping in the winter, meaning people are not in the market to buy an RV then.

Know When To Shop

An RV show is a great place to see many different manufacturers and models in one or two days. Additionally, you can easily compare price ranges between dealers because they are all together in one place.

Visit A Local RV Show

If you come to the dealership with your own pre-approved RV financing, you generally have more leverage in negotiating the best RV price you can get.

Secure Your Own Financing

Watch out for these, and always attempt to negotiate your way out of paying them. Ensure that the price you agreed to is reflected in the final paperwork.

Watch For Hidden Fees

You are free to leave at any point in the process, and until you sign the contracts, you are under no obligation to purchase anything. Walking away can be a powerful negotiating tool in some cases.

Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away

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