Add The Newest National Recreation Trails to Your List

Do you consider visiting a national recreation trail when planning summer vacations, road trips, or weekend activities? Some travelers love hopping from one national park to another.

These locations capture some of the most beautiful places in our country. Let’s look at the newest trails so you can start planning your visit!

Crown Z Trail is open to hiking and horseback riding. The route travels through the wetlands of the Columbia River and follows the historic Portland and Southwestern Railroad.

Crown Zellerbach Trail

The Enterprise South Nature Park is Tennessee’s longest national recreation trail. This system includes trails for mountain biking and horseback riding, and pedestrian-only trails.

Enterprise South Nature Park

A water trail is a marked route along navigable water systems such as rivers. Rafters, kayakers, canoers, and paddlers are all invited to visit the Fabulous Fox! Water Trail.

Fabulous Fox! Water Trail

This is a beautiful place to escape the city’s congestion and enjoy a stroll in a more natural setting.

Harris Greenway Trail

The Iron Hills Trail System in southwest Utah, near Cedar City, is known for its mountain biking opportunities. But hikers are also welcome.

Iron Hills Trail System

The Old Highway 131 Trail is paved for a leisurely bike ride, but horseback riders can also use the grassy shoulder.

Old Highway 131 Trail

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