National Parks Near Las Vegas to Visit When You’re Done Partying

Las Vegas deserves its reputation as one of the wildest places around, but true wilderness is just down the highway.

Once you get your fill of the wild life, try your luck at the many national parks near Las Vegas.

Are you packed and ready to hit the road? These seven magnificent national parks are all within a few hours’ drive of the ritzy strip of casinos, hotels, and restaurants.

Get a feel for one of the park’s unique ecosystems with a half-mile loop through the Salt Creek Interpretive Trail.

1. Death Valley National Park

The Riverside Walk, also called the Gateway to the Narrows, offers a slot canyon view that’s nothing short of amazing.

2. Zion National Park

Lost Horse Mine Trail shows off other historic relics, and Mastodon Peak Hike has the panoramic wow factor.

3. Joshua Tree National Park

The Bright Angel Trail, which leads to Plateau Point, is incredibly popular but also ambitious at around 12 miles.

4. Grand Canyon National Park

The Sheep Creek-Swamp Canyon Loop and Navajo Loop are two moderate, meandering hikes that pass through these towering spires.

5. Bryce Canyon National Park

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