National Park Sites No One Wants to Visit

America’s National Parks are bursting with visitors. Although this may seem good, there are cons to this increased foot traffic, like congested parking areas and long lines.

These five national park sites don’t have any problems handling the crowds. Rather, they’re some of the least-visited parks in the country, ones no one seems to want to visit. Let’s learn more.

About 25% of the total recreation visits occurred in the top eight most-visited parks, which is only 2% of all sites within the NPS. Following are five of the least-visited national parks in the country.

You won’t find any roads or trails in Gates of the Arctic National Park. It’s a vast wilderness, a glimpse of how the land has always been.

Gates of the Arctic National Park

It has no facilities within its boundaries. Generally, visitors can reach the park only by plane or boat unless they have a snowmachine or dogsled team.

Kobuk Valley National Park

One of the least-visited sites in the contiguous United States because it’s so remote. It’s over 200 miles from Salt Lake City, the nearest city.

Great Basin National Park

People may avoid the Alaskan National Parks because of their remoteness and frigid temperatures.

Congaree National Park

It also has no roads, trails, or cell service. If you want to camp overnight, you’ll need a boat, which the National Park Service doesn’t provide.

Voyageurs National Park

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