A Breakdown of the NASA Astrovan

When the NASA Space Shuttle program retired in July 2011 after 135 missions, so did the NASA Astrovan that transported the crew to and from the launch pad.

This modified Airstream motorhome has decades of history and is now on display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex in Florida.

Let’s learn more about this historically significant vehicle and why crew members looked forward to their ride in the Astrovan.

NASA escorted astronauts from the Operations and Checkout Building to the launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center in an Astrovan.

What Is the NASA Astrovan?

Airstream has manufactured Touring Coaches in Jackson Center, Ohio, since the 1970s. The first line, the Argosy, was released in 1974 but discontinued in 1979.

Where Was the NASA Astrovan Made? 

See the famous Astrovan on display in the Space Shuttle Atlantis Mission Zone. In this exhibit, guests can also see one of three space-flown shuttles displayed in the country.

Where Is the NASA Astrovan?

The Astrovan II is the new transport vehicle for Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner crew. The new vehicle seats up to eight astronauts.

What Vehicle Do Astronauts Ride in Today?

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