10 Myths About RVing Debunked

RVing is a way for people to see the country without having to lug suitcases and duffle bags from one hotel to another. An RV is also a home.

When people travel in an RV, they get to come back to their homes after a day of sightseeing. There’s convenience and comfort in RVing.

If you’re considering the RV lifestyle and whether or not this type of travel is right for you, you’ve probably heard of some of these common myths about RVing.

This is not true. RVing is for anyone. Over the last few years, RVing has actually increased among young people.

RVing Is Only for Retired Couples


This one might be a half-truth. RVs aren’t all that easy to drive. That would be another myth. But they also aren’t difficult, either.

RVs Are Too Difficult to Drive


If your rent in San Francisco is $3,000 per month, then moving into an RV and traveling may indeed be cheaper.

Full-Time RVing Saves Money


If you’re looking for a spotless rig with all the bells and whistles and a warranty covering your travels for the first year, you’ll want to purchase a new RV.

New RVs Are Better Than Used RVs


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