What Happened to the Musical Highway?

Highways can make some interesting noises as you drive. The sound is typically a mixture between the condition or texture of the road and how fast you’re traveling.

If you’ve been going for hours listening to the road noise, a stretch of smooth pavement can be music to your ears.

However, if you travel the Musical Highway, you can hear a familiar tune. Today, we’ll share how one American highway once sang a unique tune for drivers. Let’s get started!

Musical highways use specially-designed rumble strips to cause a vibration and audible rumbling between the tires and the road’s surface.

How Do Musical Highways Work?

The most famous Musical Highway is in Tijeras, New Mexico. The city of Tijeras is approximately 20 minutes east of Albuquerque.

Where Is the Musical Highway?

The National Geographic Society funded the project, a coordinated effort with the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

Who Constructed the Highway?

Sadly, it's no longer the same. Reports date to 2020 of people complaining about the Musical Highway needing repair.

What Happened to the Musical Highway?

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