You Might Not Know What Muffler Men Are But You’ve Definitely Seen Them

Some roadside attractions are larger than life. If you enjoy experiencing the many unique spots near highways across the country, there’s a chance you’ve seen a Muffler Man during your adventures.

Today, we’ll share some basic information about these unique art pieces. We’ll also list some we think you should see if you have the chance. Let’s get started!

What Are Muffler Men?

If you’ve seen a large molded fiberglass sculpture advertising a business or being part of a roadside attraction, it’s likely one of the Muffler Men.

The massive figures would hold the mufflers and the businesses hoped the statues would help them sell more.

Why Are Muffler Men Called Muffler Men?

The man behind the Muffler Men was Bob Prewitt. He created the first statue in Lawndale, California, as a project for his company, Prewitt Fiberglass Animals.

Who Created the Muffler Men?

At last count, approximately 180 of these statues stand tall across the country.

How Many Muffler Men Are Left?

Gemini Giant (Wilmington, Illinois)

Famous Muffler Men

He pays tribute to the incredible space race in the 1960s. This is easily one of the most photographed Muffler Men.

Nitro Girl (Blackwood, New Jersey)

Nitro Girl is a 20-foot version they designed to sell tires. There weren’t nearly as many female versions as males, but you can find Nitro Girl selling tires in New Jersey.

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