Movie Lovers –  Add the Mt Hollywood Tunnel to Your Itinerary

Los Angeles has dozens of quirky attractions. The City of Angels is full of unique places that lure locals and tourists. And the Mt Hollywood Tunnel is one of those iconic locations. 

Even though it’s not much to see, its fame from decades of cinematography still draws visitors daily. Let’s examine why you should add this famous tunnel to your road trip itinerary!

Mt Hollywood Tunnel isn’t as famous as the Bronson Cave, located just 13 minutes away, but it has appeared in its own number of movies.

What Is the Mt Hollywood Tunnel?

The Mt Hollywood Tunnel lies just west of Interstate 5 on the northwestern side of Los Angeles. It runs through Griffith Park connecting East Observatory Road.

Where Is the Mt Hollywood Tunnel?

The Mt Hollywood Tunnel is a working tunnel used by drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Can You Drive Through the Mt Hollywood Tunnel?

The Ennis House The house is easily visible from the Los Feliz hills. It is closed to the public for restoration. It’s about a 6-minute drive from the Mt Hollywood Tunnel.

Other Unique Roadside Attractions Nearby

The house has changed owners over the years, no one has stayed in it. Instead, the interior looks like it’s been frozen in time. You can’t enter the house, as it’s private property.

Los Feliz Murder Mansion

While taking a photo of the iconic Hollywood sign, visit the Tesla Coil. About every hour on the hour, lightning discharges, wowing tourists with giant arcs and zapping noises. 

Tesla Coil

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