See the Out of This World Landscape of Moon Rocks, Nevada

Moon Rocks, Nevada. Just the name elicits images of a stark and rocky surface in the middle of nowhere. More than likely, you’re picturing the surface of the moon with its craters and dark spaces we’ve yet to explore.

While we can’t quite get you to the moon to experience this image, we can get you to Moon Rocks, Nevada. And yes, it’s still a stark and rocky surface in the middle of nowhere, waiting for your exploration.

Managed under the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), this land is an extensive space used for camping, off-roading, and climbing. It’s all free of charge.

What Are the Moon Rocks in Reno, Nevada?

They were most likely formed from geological erosion and spheroidal weathering. Erosion is the process of weathering and wearing down of rocks by wind, water, or ice.

How Were the Moon Rocks Formed?

Take the Pyramid Highway (Route 445) north of Reno until you come to Winnemucca Ranch Road. Head west on Winnemucca Ranch Road. Follow that until you reach a dirt road.

How Do You Get to Moon Rocks, Nevada?

Experiencing the landscape through a lens is a great way to etch the stark beauty of this otherworldly place forever in your mind, creating unforgettable memories.

What Makes the Little-Known Moon Rocks Popular?

Speaking of creating memories, camping is another great way to do so. Camping here is in the middle of nowhere, but yes, you can camp at Moon Rocks.

Can You Camp at the Moon Rocks?

With its eerie resemblance to the moon and unique geological formations, this spot will make you feel like you’ve landed on another planet.

Is Moon Rocks, Nevada, Worth Visiting?

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