Don’t Waste Your Time at the Montana National Parks

Montana National Parks are some of the most gorgeous national parks in the country. With over a million people residing in the state, you may think these national parks aren’t crowded.

Think again. Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, while two of the most scenic sites are also two with the most visitors.

Add in the other national park designations in the state, and Montana starts to feel a bit crowded. Maybe you shouldn’t even visit this year.

In Montana, there are eight national park units, including two national parks and six national park service designations.

How Many National Parks Are in Montana?

With Glacier’s famous Going-to-the-Sun Road and Yellowstone’s Old Faithful, these parks have made it to almost everyone’s bucket list of must-see places.

About Montana National Parks

One of the most popular national parks in Montana. The government established it in 1910, famous for over 700 miles of hiking trails and breathtaking scenery.

Glacier National Park 

Yellowstone is well-known for its many geysers, especially Old Faithful. But Lamar Valley is another place you shouldn’t miss when touring this Montana national park.

Yellowstone National Park

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