Monkey Island: Florida’s Unusual Tourist Attraction

One of Florida’s most unusual tourist attractions is Monkey Island. It’s a tiny island that’s been driving people bananas for years.

If you’re planning a trip to the Sunshine State, you may already have it on your list of things to see and do. However, is it worth it?

Monkey Island is a tiny manmade island in the middle of Florida’s Homosassa River. Monkeys are the only inhabitants of the island.

About Monkey Island in Florida

It sits approximately an hour north of Tampa Bay on the Gulf Coast. 

Where in Florida Is Monkey Island?

A local developer, G.A. “Furgy” Furgason, instructed a dragline operator. The attraction included a group of monkeys inherited from Dr. John N. Hamlet’s polio research.

Who Created Monkey Island?

The island’s original inhabitants comprised three spider monkeys and two squirrel monkeys.

How Many Monkeys Are on Monkey Island in Florida?

The only individuals able to legally step foot on the island are members of Historic Monkey Island, the non-profit group that maintains the island.

Can You Go on Monkey Island?

The best spot to catch a glimpse of the primates on Monkey Island is from The Monkey Bar and Grill.

How to See the Monkeys on Monkey Island

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