How These Millennials Scored Reservations at a 55+ RV Resort

Many 55+ RV resorts are somewhat flexible with the policy. Despite being millennials, there were multiple times when we were able to score reservations at  age-restricted RV resorts.

Here, we’ll share some tips you can try if you want to stay in one of these restricted parks.

Let’s look at a few things we did to help us find spots at a few 55+ RV resorts. 

Tips for Millennials to Score Spots at 55+ RV Resorts

Many people in these communities would rather not camp with many kids around. Not having children made it easy for the management to be flexible with us. 

Let Them Know You Don’t Have Kids

Their biggest concern is typically not disrupting other guests who meet the age requirement. Anything you can do to ease their worries, including not having pets, can help. 

Let Them Know You Don’t Have Pets

They may sympathize with you and offer to make an exception to let you stay.

Let Them Know You’re Having a Hard Time Finding Somewhere to Stay

A park will be more likely to make an exception and accommodate you if you only stay for a short time.

Minimize Your Stay

Whether you agree with the rules or not, you must follow them to stay in these resorts. If not, management may change their mind about making a policy exception for you.

Be a Rule Follower

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