The Best Map of the US National Parks to Track Your Adventures

Do you want to visit all 63 National Parks? But where can you get a list of National Parks without sifting through the National Park Service website?

There is good news! We have a free printable map of National Parks you can download to help you plan your adventures.

If you need the inspiration to hit the road to visit some national treasures, download the free map of National Parks by signing up for the email list.

There are 73 National Historic Sites, 62 National Historical Parks, and 31 National Memorials with dozens of other protected sites.

How Many National Parks Are in the US?

California and Alaska have the most National Parks. California has 28 National Park sites and over 28 million visitors yearly.

Which US State Has the Most National Parks?Cost More

The National Park Service has this interactive state map where you can search for national parks in individual states.

Is There a List of National Parks?

They’re excellent conversation starters with other campers. As you walk around a campground, you tend to notice these maps, and you start comparing notes.

Why Are Maps of National Parks so Popular?

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