This Apocalypse-Ready Trailer Is a Prepper’s Dream

So what’s the deal with this trailer, and why is it every prepper’s dream come true? You’ll understand once you take a look at this beastly travel trailer. We promise you’ve never seen anything like it.

Today, we’re exploring the Mammoth Overland ELE. Who knows, it could be your next RV. Let’s get started!

Mammoth Overland is an American company based out of Woodinville, Washington. It comes from the aeronautical company Vashon Aircraft, which launched in 2012. 

About Mammoth Overland

The Mammoth Overland ELE is no ordinary off-road travel trailer. It features systems and amenities every prepper would love to have in a camper.

About the Mammoth Overland ELE

If the past few years have taught us anything, chaos can happen at any minute. You want a safe place to escape when it feels like the world’s end.

Why Do You Need an Apocalypse-Ready Trailer?

Bear Proof The Mammoth Overland ELE uses pieces of aluminum riveted together for its construction. It provides optimal protection from just about anything, including bears.

What Preppers Love About the Mammoth Overland ELE

The ELE has an extraordinary filtration system. This medical-grade filtration system can provide clean air for up to six months.

Air Filtration

The Mammoth Overland ELE has a storage compartment to store a variety of protection devices. Whatever your weapon of choice, it’ll likely fit in this weapon locker.

Weapon Storage

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