Quick and Easy Ways to Lubricate Your RV Slides

If your RV has slides, you’ll need to add them to your regular maintenance list. If you don’t properly care for them, you’ll end up with cracked seals, rusty gears, or a broken slide system.

Lubricating RV slides is one of the essential maintenance tasks every RVer with slide-outs must do. But it’s easy! Let’s take a closer look at how to lubricate your RV slides.

Lubricating RV slides is essential maintenance because of all the dirt and grime that can get into the components.

Why Is Lubricating RV Slides Important?

Depending on how often you travel and where, you may have to lubricate your RV slides more often.

How Often Should You Lubricate Your RV Slides?

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What Are the Different Types of RV Slides?

The best place to lubricate RV slides is on its rails and gears. Doing this will prevent misalignment, stuck slides, or bent parts that keep it from moving in and out.

Where to Lubricate Your RV Slides

About every two or three months, spray the slide seals. Ensure they dry completely before moving the slide.

How to Lubricate Your RV Seals

Dry lubricant is best, but always check the owner’s manual before you do any work.

How to Lubricate Your RV Rollers

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