5 Reasons to Avoid Lower Broadway in Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, has become an incredible tourist destination. It’s hosted the NFL Draft, massive festivals, and countless bachelorette parties. Lower Broadway is one of Nashville’s most popular tourist hotspots.

We’re sharing five reasons you might think twice about visiting Lower Broadway during your trip to Nashville. Spoiler alert, Music City has so much more to offer.

Lower Broadway is a district in the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee. This tourist destination is known for its honky-tonk bars and live entertainment venues.

What Is Lower Broadway in Nashville?

Crowds Sidewalks and streets can become packed with people, making it hard to navigate the area, especially if you have mobility issues.

Reasons to Avoid Lower Broadway in Nashville

The noise level can also make it difficult for visitors to appreciate the music performances. Sounds often bleed from one venue to another, creating a garbled mess for your ears.


A night out on the town can be insanely expensive here. The high food, drinks, and entertainment prices can add up quickly. The influx of visitors results in higher prices. 

It’s Expensive

Safety concerns are a reason some visitors avoid Lower Broadway in Nashville. Despite a significant law enforcement presence, incidents of violence frequently occur.


If you’re looking for a more authentic experience, visit surrounding neighborhoods in the city. They offer a more genuine reflection of the city’s unique culture and history.

Lack of Authenticity

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