Your Guide to Lovell Canyon Campground

You can find quite a few options for camping near Las Vegas. From full hookup campgrounds to dispersed camping on public lands, you have options for all kinds of campers.

If you want to get away from the bright lights of The Strip and enjoy a more natural setting, Lovell Canyon Campground could make a great option.

The Lovell Canyon Campground is a dispersed camping area in Nevada’s Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.

Where Is Lovell Canyon Campground?

From Las Vegas, take Interstate 15 to the Blue Diamond exit onto State Road 160. Watch for signs to turn right and follow the highway to Lovell Canyon Road.

How Do You Get to Lovell Canyon Campground?

You don’t make reservations at Lovell Canyon Campground. It’s first come, first served. It has a stay limit of 14 days. You can choose tent camping or RVing.

Can You Make Reservations to Camp at Lovell Canyon?

Minimize your impact on the land. Find an open space that looks like tents or RVs have used it before, and then enjoy the beautiful setting responsibly.

How to Pick a Campsite at Lovell Canyon Campground

Keep Your Distance From Other Campers Don’t try to squeeze in. If there isn’t enough room to spread out, find another place.

More Dispersed Camping Tips and Etiquette

Pick up your trash and properly dispose of it. Clean up after your pets. Don’t trample on vegetation. All of these principles protect the environment.

Practice Leave No Trace Principles

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