Little Girl Breaks Youngest Ascent Record for Devils Tower

When we were six, crossing the monkey bars without falling was an accomplishment. But, one young girl’s 867-foot climb far exceeds our playground accomplishments.

As you’ll soon see, Alice Galy proves that kids can do remarkable things. She strapped on her climbing gear and achieved an incredible goal.

The kids have been rock climbing since age two, so they’re no strangers to the sport. Both were excited and nervous about the potential of climbing to the top of Devils Tower.

Meet the Youngest Female to Ascend Devils Tower

Devils Tower, often called Bear Lodge Butte, is an impressive geological formation in northeast Wyoming. Many agree that this unique structure formed millions of years ago.

About Devils Tower

Unfortunately, a certain level of inherent danger comes with climbing. While some routes are easier than others, none are for beginners. Reaching the top requires skill, strength, and stamina.

Is Climbing Devils Tower Dangerous?

Hopkins hit his mark and landed safely on the one-acre summit. Unfortunately, the bag containing the rope to allow him to climb down did not. It ended up stuck to the side.

Did a Guy Get Stuck on Devils Tower?

Hike Tower Trail This is a 1.8-mile paved trail that typically takes less than 45 minutes to complete. Visitors can walk around the entire structure and enjoy it from different angles.

Things to Do When Visiting Devils Tower

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, park rangers host a variety of ranger-led programs. These include guided walks, short talks, and evening programs at the campground’s amphitheater.

Attend Ranger Programs

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