Linesville Spillway: An Unusual Attraction in PA

Few things are more frustrating and defeating than spending an entire day at the water and not seeing a single fish.

However, there’s one unusual attraction in Pennsylvania where the fish are so thick that ducks can walk across them on top of the water.

The Linesville Spillway is a spillway in the Pymatuning Reservoir in Pennsylvania. It was built in the 1930s with a dam and the Pymatuning Reservoir.

What Is the Linesville Spillway?

The Linesville Spillway sits just east of the Pennsylvania-Ohio border in the northern portions of the state. It is in the 16,893-acre Pymatuning State Park.

Where Is the Linesville Spillway?

Pymatuning State Park is one of the biggest state parks in all of Pennsylvania. It’s also home to Pymatuning Reservoir, a 17,088-acre lake that’s the largest one in the state.

About Pymatuning State Park 

The spillway regulates the flow of the Shenango and Beaver Rivers. However, the design of the spillway results in an increased number of fish food flowing into the area.

What Makes the Linesville Spillway Unique?

The fish you see fighting for food at Linesville Spillway is an invasive carp species from Asia.

What Are the Fish at the Linesville Spillway?

Visit the Fish Hatchery and Visitor Center You’ll find earthen ponds, exterior concrete raceways, and a hatchery building with stainless steel and concrete raceways.

Other Things to Do

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