How Do You Play the License Plate Game?

Sometimes all it takes is creativity to help the miles pass by faster. Long before kids had cell phones and DVD players to entertain them, the license plate game was created.

While the creator is unknown, there’s a good chance it was a parent desperate for their kids to keep their hands to themselves.

If you’ve never played, don’t worry! Here, we’re sharing everything you need to know to start playing this game on your next trip.

The basic concept is that participants attempt to see as many state license plates as possible during their trip.

How Do You Play The License Plate Game?

Once a participant spots the state, you scratch it off and start looking for the next state. The easiest license plates to spot are from the state where you’re currently traveling.

Technological advancements make it even easier. Simply searching “license plate game” in your favorite app store will likely reveal many options.

Is There an App to Play the License Plate Game?

These apps make it easy for you to check off the states as you see them. If you don’t see all 50 states during your road trip, you can pick up the game where you left off on your next adventure.

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