This Town Gives You a Glimpse of Historic Idaho

If you’re looking to explore the western United States, exploring the Gem State should definitely be on the itinerary. Leadore is one of those gems. The great thing about small towns is that they tend to preserve their history.

Many of the buildings present during the heyday of this small town are still standing. Frozen in time, Leadore has much to teach visitors about the area’s history.

Leadore is within the Lemhi Valley of Idaho. Lemhi County is in central Idaho, right at the base of the state’s panhandle.

Where Is Leadore, Idaho?

Leadore, Idaho, is the true definition of a small town with a population of only 106 people. That number is from 2019, but you can be sure not much has changed in the last three years.

About Leadore, Idaho

Leadore has been known for a couple of things. Mainly, it’s been a railroad town. When Gilmore and Pittsburgh Railroad came through, Leadore flourished for a while.

What Is Leadore Known For?

When you go inside the Silver Dollar Bar and Restaurant. Its decoration is quite interesting, and the food has a pretty good reputation.

Eat at the Silver Dollar Bar and Restaurant

To Do in Leadore, Idaho

The Stage Stop has pizza, burgers, liquor, beer, gasoline, and a souvenir gift shop. It’s a one-stop shop that will stamp the town of Leadore in your mind forever.

Shop at the Stage Stop Junction Store and Gas Station

Leadore City Park is where you may want to set up shop if you’re traveling in your RV or wanting to pop a tent. The local government runs the park.

Visit Leadore City Park

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