Everything You Need to Know About Lake Willoughby in Vermont

If you’ve never heard of Lake Willoughby, it’s time you learned about this breathtaking area of northeastern Vermont. Although not large, it’s second only to Lake Champlain in depth in the entire state.

Whether you’re staying in Brighton, Barton, Derby, or Lyndon, Lake Willoughby is within driving distance to spend a day on the water. Let’s look at why you should visit its beautiful clear waters.

A narrow lake in the north of Willoughby State Forest, it’s situated along the west side of Highway 5A in northeastern Vermont. It’s less than a 40-minute drive south of the Canadian border.

Where Is Lake Willoughby?

Originally formed by glacial activity, Lake Willoughby has some of the deepest water in Vermont, reaching over 320 feet in some places. It’s also known for its narrowness at only one mile across.

What Is Lake Willoughby Known For?

There are public beach access points around Lake Willoughby, so swimming is permitted.

Can You Swim in Lake Willoughby?

Because rivers running downstream carrying mud and sediment don’t feed it, its waters are clearer than most lakes.

Why Is Lake Willoughby So Clear?

Lake Willoughby isn’t just about public beach access and swimming, though. If you’re not going to dip your toes in the chilly water, there are other things to do.

What Should You Do at Lake Willoughby?

The Mount Pisgah Trail is a moderate 4.1-mile out-and-back trail in the Willoughby State Forest.

Climb Mount Pisgah

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