Your Ultimate Guide to Lake Louise Camping

When planning your summer vacation, do you consider visiting Canada? If you haven’t heard of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, it’s time you start making plans to go camping.

Camping at Lake Louise is convenient to local attractions and has stunning beauty. Let’s look at six of the best campgrounds for visiting Lake Louise and a few things to do during your visit.

Located in Banff National Park, Lake Louise is a glacial lake in Alberta, Canada. It’s less than 7 miles east of the border between Alberta and British Columbia.

Where Is Lake Louise?

The landscape of Lake Louise is spectacular. The turquoise, glacier-fed lake is surrounded by towering peaks.

What Is Lake Louise Known For?

Lake Louise Soft-Sided Campground A stay in the Lake Louise Soft-Sided Campground helps you escape the crowds. A series of 12 loops include over 200 campsites.

Best Campgrounds 

Located across from the soft-sided campground, the Lake Louise Hard-Sided Campground offers 15/30/50 service and can accommodate rigs up to 50 feet long.

Lake Louise Hard-Sided Campground

Walk the Lake Louise Shoreline Trail The Lake Louise Shoreline Trail offers beautiful scenery. Sit and take in the breathtaking landscape of the Victoria Glacier and the towering peaks.

Popular Things to Do

You’ll be immersed in the turquoise-blue water and rugged mountains as you calmly float along the lake. You can rent canoes hourly or for 30 minutes at a time.

Rent a Canoe From the Lake Louise Boathouse

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