Is NeXus RV Still in Business?

Have you wondered if NeXus RV is still in business? We have all the answers for you. 

From an overview of the brand to the types of RVs they manufacture, we’re giving you all the information. 

Keep reading to see how you can purchase a NeXus RV.

NeXus RV is a luxury brand that started as a factory-direct manufacturer in 2010.

About NeXus RV 

In 2019, A&E Realty, a subsidiary of Lerman Enterprises, acquired a majority share of NeXus RV. The NeXus factory is in Elkhart, Ind.

Who Makes NeXus?

NeXus RV specializes in Class C, B+, super C, and 4×4 super C motorhomes. So let’s take a closer look at their lineups. 

What Types of RVs Does NeXus RV Manufacture?

NeXus’ Class C motorhome models are the Triumph and Phantom. Their Class C RVs have a Ford V8 7.3L gas engine. And they have an all-steel composite construction for a strong and safe ride. 

Class C

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