Is Mattress Insider Legit?

You don’t want to start your morning by waking up in pain or feeling groggy. Having a comfortable mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep.

When you go camping, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality sleep. So who is Mattress Insider, and how can it help?

No matter if you need a 42-by-70-inch mattress or a 76-by-80-inch mattress, this company has the options. They’ll even handcraft a custom mattress to fit your needs.

Mattress Insider began in 2008, custom-making mattresses in all shapes and sizes for over 80,000 customers. It makes residential mattresses, ones for boats, RVs, and trucks.

About Mattress Insider

For the RVer, Mattress Insider manufactures three handcrafted mattresses in any shape or size. You also have six options for trucks with sleeper cabs. 

What Types of Products Does Mattress Insider Manufacture?

They tend to be narrower and thinner to fit in a small space. 

How Are RV Mattresses Different from Residential Mattresses

The Elation, Luxury, and Scarsdale Luxury can all be custom fit to any size.

The RV Mattress Options at Mattress Insider

The cheapest one, the Elation, is $309 for a 24-by-75-inch mattress. If you want a queen 60-by-80-inch, the price starts at $459.

How Much Is an RV Mattress from Mattress Insider?

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