Is Highway Hypnosis a Real Thing?

Many people find it very difficult to focus when they’ve been driving for many hours. The dullness of driving, especially at night, can lull you into a state that makes it difficult to concentrate. 

Drowsy driving causes more than 100,000 accidents in any given year, resulting in nearly 700 deaths. 

Some say a common phenomenon known as highway hypnosis is to blame. So is highway hypnosis a real thing? Let’s take a look!

Highway hypnosis is when the repetitive act of driving lulls a driver into a dream-like state.

What Is Highway Hypnosis and Is It a Real Thing?

There are a few reasons you can find yourself zoning out while driving down the road. 

What Causes Highway Hypnosis?

Driving can be very dull, especially when you’re driving with cruise control on for hours at a time.

Repetitiveness of Driving

If you’ve ever driven from one side of Kansas to the other, you know the feeling. A less than stellar landscape to enjoy can cause your mind to wander.

Unchanging Landscapes

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