Is Cadillac Ranch Worth Visiting?

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including Cadillacs. What about the cars people buried at Cadillac Ranch? Yes, you read that correctly; Cadillacs are in the ground in Texas.

Source: Cadillac Ranch

This strange phenomenon didn’t happen out of the blue one day. Someone planned this phenomenon, which is now one of the top destinations when driving through the Lone Star state.

What Is Cadillac Ranch?

The artists transitioned the cars from vehicles into art by burning their front ends and burying them, rear up and intact.

Source: Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch is in Texas. You’ll find it 10 miles west of Amarillo on I-40, between exits 60 and 62 along the south side of Frontage Road. 

Where Is Cadillac Ranch?

Why Is Cadillac Ranch So Famous?

Each person has a reason for stopping by Cadillac Ranch. Maybe it’s to leave their mark or wonder about others who have stood on the same path.

Source: Cadillac Ranch

Tips for Visiting Cadillac Ranch

The most surprising advice is not to bring spray paint. The most obvious tip is to take plenty of pictures.

It Gets Muddy

When visiting Cadillac Ranch, prepare for mud. Even if it rained the day before, those puddles might take some time to clear up.

Whether you’re spray painting, taking photos, or wandering, you’re in the middle of a field, and it can be muddy, dusty, and dirty.

Wear Old Clothes

Source: Cadillac Ranch

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