Is An Equalizer Hitch Really  Worth It?

The right equipment can make or break towing an RV. We’ve witnessed some rather rough towing situations that RVers could have avoided with an  Equal-i-zer hitch.

However, they’re not the cheapest option for hitching up an RV, and many RVers opt for less expensive options. 

Today, we’re considering if an Equal-i-zer hitch is worth the premium price. Let’s get started!

The Equal-i-zer hitch uses game-changing technology to create a safe and comfortable towing experience. 

About the Equalizer Hitch

To get a premium product, you’ll have to pay a premium price. If you’re considering an Equal-i-zer hitch, you can expect to pay $625 to $1000 for your hitch. 

How Much Does the Hitch Cost?

By evenly distributing the trailer’s weight onto the tow vehicle and the trailer’s axles, the tow vehicle has optimal steering control and stopping power.

What Does An Equalizer Hitch Do?

No, the Equal-i-zer or any other weight distribution system does not reduce the tongue weight of a trailer.

Does An Equalizer Hitch Reduce Tongue Weight?

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