What Is an Iron Ranger in a Campground?

There are park rangers who assist in national parks and campgrounds. There are Bark Rangers who visit national park sites with their furry friends.

There are Junior Rangers who complete activities and earn badges. But have you ever heard of an iron ranger? Let’s look at what an iron ranger is, its function, and its advantages.

An iron ranger is an unattended fee collection box. These are simply metal boxes with a slot insert. Campgrounds that don’t have staff will use an iron ranger to collect payments.

What Is an Iron Ranger?

Depending on the number of campsites and the campground’s popularity, one location might need an iron ranger with a 50-envelope capacity.

Are There Different Types of Iron Rangers?

The main advantage of an iron ranger is that there’s no need to pay an employee.

What Are the Advantages of an Iron Ranger?

Although they take precautions to ensure no theft, no self-pay station is 100% theft-proof. Unfortunately, thieves will find a way to break into almost any collection box.

Is It Easy to Steal From an Iron Ranger?

With more people paying with credit or debit cards instead of cash, these iron rangers are being replaced with more high-tech payment machines and mobile apps.

Are Iron Rangers on the Way Out?

If you tend to stay at more luxurious RV parks with many amenities, you will likely never see an iron ranger. Perhaps you’ll use one at a trailhead or parking lot.

Will Your Next Campground Have an Iron Ranger?

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