Everything On the Menu At the International Market in Las Vegas

If you’ve never made it to the International Marketplace, you might want to plan another trip. And if you have never been to Sin City, make sure to schedule a few hours to explore this grocery store.

There’s a fantastic supply of cuisines to satisfy your international taste buds. Let’s look at why you should visit the International Market in Las Vegas on your next trip!

The International Marketplace in Las Vegas is like a Costco or Sam’s Club on steroids. The varieties and choices from around the world are endless.

What Is the International Market Las Vegas?

Although there’s a Euro Market & Deli, a Japan Mini Mart, and a New India Market blocks from the International Marketplace, you can get it all at this one location.

Getting to the International Market Las Vegas

You can find a whole frozen octopus or frozen squid in the seafood section. There’s a seafood bar with entire fish like red snapper or catfish.


Everything’s On the Menu At the International Market

The produce section is full of fruits and vegetables. Many of the typical items you’d find in a traditional grocery store, like onions, peppers, and bananas, are there.


Buy a seedless Monthong durian or mudfish sauce from Thailand. Try the sweet sake bonito spice or Mochi ice cream from Japan.

International Foods

There are all kinds of kitchen gadgets if you need to pick up something special for new world cuisine.  There are also everyday items like tea kettles, strainers, bowls, and mugs.

Cooking Utensils

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