A Breakdown of inTech Flyer Adventure Trailers

The campers from inTech Flyer Adventure Trailers can help you enjoy your outdoor adventures in comfort and style. These trailers are lightweight and easy to tow.

They can make the perfect home away from home while on an adventure. Today, we’ll take a close look at their features and benefits.

In 2016, inTech expanded into the RV industry by introducing the Flyer series, followed by the Luna, Sol, and Terra lines. With over 190 employees, the company has significantly grown since its inception.

About inTech

The Intech Flyer is a line of rugged and lightweight micro travel trailers designed for off-road adventures.

About the inTech Flyer

Chase Its all-aluminum cage construction makes it lightweight and durable. You don’t have to have a big, beefy diesel truck to tow these trailers.

The inTech Flyer Lineup

The Flyer Pursue continues the trend of all-aluminum cage construction. This allows you tremendous flexibility for tow vehicles. In addition, it provides the maximum amount of usable space.


The Flyer Explore is slightly heavier than other models but is still towable by most mid-size SUVs and smaller trucks. The tough and rugged design challenges owners to spend time camping off paved roads.


The inTech Flyer Discover has a dry weight between 2,475 and 2,750 pounds. In addition, it’s strong enough to offer between 2,450 and 2,725 pounds of cargo-carrying capacity.


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