How We Replaced Our RV Kitchen Sink

When RVers start camping and using their RVs regularly, they may begin to realize some things just aren’t very functional. Perhaps the standard couch isn’t very comfortable.

Many RVers switch out their furniture for residential ones that better suit their lifestyle, including their RV kitchen sink. Not all sinks are very functional or attractive.

Let’s look at how to complete an RV kitchen sink replacement so you can find a better solution for you!

After you’ve measured three times and purchased your new RV kitchen sink, it won’t take long to complete the installation.

How to Complete Your RV Kitchen Sink Replacement

First, disconnect from your water supply. Then let the water run to eliminate any remaining in the pipes.

Turn Off Water or Disconnect From City Water

To replace your RV sink, you need to take out the old one. Cut through the caulking around the edges of the kitchen sink with a utility knife.

Cut Through the Caulking

After you’ve removed the caulk, open the cabinet doors and detach the plumbing lines.

Detach the Pipes From the Sink

The final step in removing the old RV kitchen sink is to unscrew the brackets that connect the sink to the countertop.

Remove the Brackets From Under the Sink

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