How to Get Campfire Smoke Smell Out of Your Hair

The most common answer to removing campfire smoke is to wash your hair. While that is one of the top answers and will do the job, it may take more than one washing to remove the smell thoroughly.

But there are other ways to return your hair to its usual fresh-smelling self. From dry shampoos to baking soda and even vodka.

We have several options regarding getting the campfire smell out of your hair for good. Or at least until next weekend.

Besides the campfire smell, there’s nothing better than the scent of freshly washed hair with fragrant shampoo.

Wash Your Hair with a Fragrance Shampoo

Grab a dry shampoo. Many dry shampoos are odorless, so for this demanding task, have one with a favorite fragrance.

Wash Your Hair with Dry Shampoo

Rub a sparse amount of baking soda into your scalp and comb it throughout your hair. Within seconds, the campfire smell will disappear.

Baking Soda

Lemon juice is another alternative people have used for ages to help diminish unwanted smells. Plan ahead if this will be your method, though, as the citrus mixture needs to sit overnight.

Lemon Juice

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