How Do You Adjust the Sensitivity on Your Trailer Brakes?

Adjust the sensitivity of your trailer brakes for them to be effective. If not, you’re not going to get the intended results.

You could potentially even cause damage to your RV by not adjusting your trailer brakes to the correct setting. Here’s how you can adjust the sensitivity.

Connect your vehicle to the trailer with the brake system and the settings that allow you to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the brake system. 

Find Settings on Truck Instrument Panel  (If Applicable)

Increasing the sensitivity will apply more pressure to the brakes, and decreasing it will apply less pressure.

You want to dial in the brake controller so you have the right amount of assistance from the trailer brake.

Increase and Decrease Gain on Trailer Brake Controller as Necessary

If you set your brakes’ sensitivity too high, the brakes will lock up and cause your tires to skid to a stop. However, adjusting your trailer brakes too lightly will tax your vehicle’s brakes too much.

Once you set your trailer brakes, you won’t likely have to adjust them as long as you’re hauling the same load.

Adjust Your Trailer Brakes for Each Load

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