You Can Road Trip to the House in the Wizard of Oz

Are you a Wizard of Oz fan? Did you dress up like Dorothy Gale for Halloween when you were a little girl?

If so, you must plan a road trip through Kansas to visit the house in Wizard of Oz.

It’s a replica of Dorothy’s humble abode swept away in the infamous tornado. But there’s a lot more to explore than just the house. It’s an experience that every Wizard of Oz fan should have!

The house in Wizard of Oz is in Liberal, Kansas, a city north of the Kansas-Oklahoma border. Highway 54 runs through the town.

Where Is the House in Wizard of Oz? 

Adult tickets are $7, child tickets are $4.50, senior citizen (aged 65 and older) tickets are $5.50, and children under six are free.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit the House in Wizard of Oz?

When you visit, you can walk the Yellow Brick Road and tour the Land of Oz inside a 5,000-square-foot exhibit.

What Can You See At Dorothy’s House?

Visitors can see exhibits displaying weapons, quilts, home furnishings, an antique organ, and Native American cultural items.

Other Things to Do Near Liberal, Kansas

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