Can You Still Go Down Inside the Hoover Dam

Named after President Hoover, the president during construction, the Hoover Dam is an engineering marvel.

It can feel  mind-boggling to learn the history of the dam process, which provided a much-needed safety net to prevent more flooding in the region.

Over the years, the dam has become a popular tourist attraction, providing free access to the public and paid tours to get more of an up-close look.

It sits in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River on the border of Nevada and Arizona.

Where is the Hoover Dam?

The construction of the Hoover Dam was truly an engineering marvel. Such a large concrete structure had never been built before. 

What Makes the Hoover Dam Unique?

Its sheer size also makes the Hoover Dam special. At the time of completion, it was the tallest dam in the world.

Yes, you can still go down inside the Hoover Dam. The one-hour Guided Dam Tour takes guests through the tunnels and passageways.

Can You Still Go Down Inside the Hoover Dam?

You can see the Hoover Dam for free without an entrance fee. But any type of tour will require a paid ticket. 

Does It Cost Anything to Visit the Hoover Dam?

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