Don’t Pick Up the Hitchhiker of Black Horse Lake

Thumbing a ride was once commonplace, but not so much anymore. Once you hear about the hitchhiker of Black Horse Lake, you may never dream of giving a stranger a lift again.

Is there something to this legend that haunts a highway in Montana, or did someone’s imagination run wild? Let’s find out the truth as we ease to the side of the road to explore this Montana mystery.

The various accounts almost always describe the hitchhiker of Black Horse Lake as a Native American man with long, black hair.

He wears either a denim jacket or overalls and stands on the side of the state highway, signaling for a ride. However, just as the driver passes, the hitchhiker suddenly lurches in front of the car. 

It’s more likely that this suspenseful tale is simply a made-up version of a classic ghost story. In other words, this urban legend has no basis in fact.

Is the Hitchhiker of Black Horse Lake off Highway 87 Real?

You may not see a tragic spirit wearing denim, but the Great Falls area offers many other unforgettable experiences.

What Will You Actually See Near Black Horse Lake?

According to legend, two young members of the Crow Tribe committed suicide there. The story says they were distraught because disease had wiped out the rest of their tribe.

Are There Other Urban Legends in Montana?

The story of a mysterious hitchhiker isn’t unique to Black Horse Lake. However, it may have some original details, like what the hitchhiker looked like.

Are There Other Hitchhiker Legends in the Country?

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