Should You Put Grease on Your Trailer Hitch Ball?

You don’t “have” to grease your hitch ball before use to make it work right. However, it is recommended for proper maintenance and care.

You should plan for a trailer hitch care day at least twice a year to be sure your hitch ball lasts as long as possible.

Adding grease to the ball on your hitch helps to maintain its integrity. Learn the proper application and cleaning process. Then you don’t have to spend money buying new fittings prematurely.

Grease will give it more protection against rust buildup over time. You won’t have to battle against a squeaky connection.

The Benefits of Using Hitch Ball Grease

The most common complaint is that the grease collects dirt and other debris that will scratch the coating of the metal ball.

The Disadvantages of Using Hitch Ball Grease

You could use solid candle wax to coat the hitch ball. The application makes a bit of a mess, cleaning it off when finished is a cinch.

Is There an Alternative Grease for Your Trailer Hitch Ball?

How often you grease your hitch ball depends on the use it gets. At the very least, you should grease it every spring and fall.

How Often Should You Grease Your Trailer Hitch Ball?

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