The Best Tips For Hiking With Kids

Don’t let having a baby keep you from doing what you love. Use the outdoors to foster meaningful time with your kids away from technology.

Hiking with kids is different from hiking with adults. You have to pace yourself and take more breaks.

You also might need to be more entertaining. Here are ten tips to prepare you for a great experience.

Choose a short walk and work up to longer, more strenuous hikes. Develop an enjoyment for hiking before tackling hikes that require lots of energy.

1. Set Realistic Expectations

Little legs will get tired. Younger kids will be bored. Make the hike enjoyable for you and your kids by providing some relief for younger hikers.

2. Bring a Backpack Carrier 

Replenish those calories with healthy, high-calorie snacks like granola bars or jerky. Pack some dried fruit and even a chocolate bar for energy when you need it.

3. Pack Plenty of Snacks

They may fall and get muddy. They may catch a pants leg in briars. Always have a change of clothes on hand so your children will be comfortable during the hike.

4. Always Pack a Change of Clothes

Play “I Spy” or create a scavenger hunt. Look for a pine cone or a specific type of bird. Identify different trees or find certain colored flowers.

5. Play Games

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