Is Greed Ruining the Camping Experience?

Camping and spending time outdoors seem more popular now than ever. We love seeing individuals and families making memories while adventuring and exploring.

While these activities may be more popular than ever, they’re also more expensive. Economists use the term “greedflation” to describe this scenario consumers are experiencing.

Some campgrounds put profits ahead of creating a memorable guest experience. We’re seeing and hearing from campers that feel some locations are becoming overly greedy while pursuing the all-mighty dollar.

Are Campgrounds Getting Greedy?

It’s important to remember that campgrounds are like any other business. While they may pride themselves in providing a top-notch guest experience, they’ve got bills to pay too.

Why Are Campgrounds Greedy?

Increased Reservation Fees This is no surprise if you understand the law of supply and demand. With limited campsites, management can increase prices as they see fit. 

Evidence of Campgrounds Acting Greedy

Some locations will waive these charges if you cancel within a specific time before your stay. You could lose a certain percentage of your booking, a single-night stay, or a set amount.

Cancellation Fees

Some spots charge for each additional guest after two, but others it’s after four. Charges vary based on the site, so read the fine print.

Extra Person Fees

Sometimes when making a reservation, you’re not booking a specific site. You give the campground your information, and they assign you to a site when you arrive.

Choose Your Site Fee

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