What is a Goose Box Hitch?

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If you’ve been camping, you’ve probably seen that travel trailers and fifth wheels have different types of hitches. People tow travel trailers by vehicles with a ball and hitch they attach to the rear bumper.

Sometimes these vehicles can be SUVs or even minivans. However, fifth wheels have special kingpin hitches that attach only to the bed of a truck, securely locking into place.

But did you know there’s another hitch you can use to tow a fifth wheel? It’s a goose box hitch, and some RV owners prefer it over a traditional fifth wheel hitch.

A goose box hitch replaces the conventional RV pin box.

What is a Goose Box Hitch?

Source: Etrailer/Nick

All gooseneck hitches aren’t the same. However, their design is similar.

Are All Gooseneck Hitches the Same?

A gooseneck hitch mounts into the truck bed and provides a simple trailer ball for connecting a gooseneck trailer. There are a few ways to install the trailer ball.

Safety chains keep the RV attached to the truck should an emergency as a runaway trailer arise.

Why Do Goose Neck Trailers Need Safety Chains?

Source: Etrailer/Nick

You might have a puck system or a tow package with certain features and upgrades. Check first; then, look for a specific design to suit your towing needs.

Goose Box Hitch Buying Guide

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