The RV That Was Made to Travel the World

Have you ever wanted to travel to South America in your RV? Maybe you quickly threw that dream away because your RV wouldn’t handle the ruggedness of the journey.

If you have a large budget, you may find the answer to your dreams in the Global Expedition Vehicles Patagonia.

The capabilities of this vehicle will blow your mind and take you places you never thought you could go.

Designed for a  medium-duty chassis, the Patagonia comes with a kitchen, dining area, washroom, and sleeping area.

What Is the Global Expedition Vehicles Patagonia?

Ranges from 17 to 27 feet long with a width of 96 inches and a height of 84 inches. It features a Natural Opening Wall, which opens 52 inches wide at 90 degrees for panoramic views.


The base price starts at $700,000. This includes the standard components and a truck allowance.

How Much Does the Global Expedition Vehicles Patagonia Cost?

Other models in the GXV line-up have significant price differences. The Turtle, built for a pickup truck chassis, has a base price of $290,000.

You won’t have to stop to refuel or recharge. You can go absolutely anywhere, from desert sands to dense jungles.

Is the Global Expedition Vehicles Patagonia Worth It?

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