What Are the Gilman Tunnels?

The railroads changed America in many ways, and the Gilman Tunnels are a modern reminder of what a big undertaking they were. Trains don’t run through them anymore, but people from many walks of life continue to enjoy them.

They are one of many natural or man-made attractions that contribute to northern New Mexico’s amazing allure.

The Gilman Tunnels are literally relics from the pioneering railroad era and are popular today with sightseers, hikers, and cyclists.

What Are the Gilman Tunnels?

These iconic tunnels are in the gorgeous Jemez Mountains in Sandoval County, New Mexico. They’re in a narrow red-rock canyon in an area of the Santa Fe National Forest called the Jemez National Recreation Area.

Where Are the Gilman Tunnels?

The tunnels were built sometime in the 1920s to help turn logs into lumber. Workers loaded timber onto trains that hauled them to a sawmill in the area.

Why Were the Gilman Tunnels Built?

A big part of the appeal of the Gilman Tunnels is you can drive right through them. The roadway leading up to them is paved and smooth, though somewhat narrow, and traffic is usually not heavy.

Can You Drive Through the Gilman Tunnels?

Cruising around through the Jemez Mountains is a popular pastime because the terrain is magnificent and there are a few other unique attractions.

What Is There to Do in the Jemez Mountains?

For centuries, people have believed that the naturally occurring waters in this area have almost magical healing properties.

Jemez Hot Springs

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