Is General RV Getting as Bad as Camping World?

Many RVers have been praising General RV for the past few years. However, we’re seeing more and more comments regarding customer service going downhill. Some are even comparing the brand to Camping World.

If you’re an RV dealership, the last business you want to be compared to is Camping World.

During their trip, they discovered their refrigerator wasn’t working. To make matters worse, it appeared as if it hadn’t worked from the beginning.

RV Owner Vents About General RV

They did what any new owners would do and hauled it back to the dealership where they purchased it. However, a month and a half later, it was still not working.

Plenty of people are throwing shade at General RV. But are they as bad as everyone says? Let’s dive in and take a look!

Is General RV Getting as Bad as Camping World?

One commenter stated, “Nothing but bad experiences with General RV!” Another was pretty blunt and said, “General RV is the worst.”

Customer Service Issues

Some sales team members have been borderline dishonest with customers. We’ve seen posts of individuals sharing frustrations where dealers didn’t disclose fees until they were in financing.

Pricing and Sales Tactics

Some individuals call day after day and leave messages. Unfortunately, these messages are often never returned, leaving owners frustrated.

Communication Problems

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