Would You Try This Fully Automated RV Park?

People have invested in the RV industry because they don’t see the desire to get outdoors weaning any time soon.

Just like you can go into a Walmart, grab your groceries, complete  self-check-out, and never interact with another human being, RV parks are following suit. 

Let’s take a look at a new, fully automated RV Park that recently opened in Tifton, Ga., called Tifton Overnight RV Park.

You’re greeted with a smile, handed a map, and sometimes even escorted to your site. However, a fully automated RV park removes human interaction upon arrival. 

What Is a Fully Automated RV Park?

Getting set up, and checking out, reducing the hassle of dealing with paperwork or being escorted to your site is a huge advantage.

The Pros of Staying at a Fully Automated RV Park

You might be waiting for help. There’s no on-site host or ranger who can help you within minutes. 

The Cons of Staying at a Fully Automated RV Park

The RV park itself is a  no-frills campground. The 34 pull-through sites range from 48 feet to 100 feet long, so they can accommodate any size rig.

The Fully Automated Tifton RV Park Just Opened 

Located right off I-75 at exit 62 in south-central Georgia, Tifton RV Park is easily accessible.

Where Is Tifton Overnight RV?

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