Is It Safe to Drive an RV With a Full Water Tank?

If you enjoy camping in your RV outside of a traditional campground, you’ll often need to bring water with you. 

However, traveling with a full water tank is a frequently debated topic in the RV community.

Today, we’re looking at whether it’s a good idea or not to travel with a full water tank during your adventures.

An RV fresh water tank is the storage tank for clean, potable water used in an RV. This is the water used in all the faucets, toilets, and showers.

What Is an RV Freshwater Tank?

Smaller travel trailers and motorhomes typically have smaller tanks. Meanwhile, larger toy haulers and Class A motorhomes will have massively large tanks.

How Big Are RV Freshwater Tanks?

A gallon of water weighs around 8 pounds. This means that the smallest RV tanks will add about 150 to 175 pounds to the total weight of your RV.

How Heavy Is a Full Water Tank?

You’re typically only going to have a full water tank when there is no water supply at the campsite. This could be a rustic campsite.

When Would You Have a Full Water Tank?

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