7 RVers Share Their Full-Time RV Life Budget

One of the best things about RV life is that there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

As a result, costs can vary considerably based on the situation, personal preferences, and other factors.

So let’s look at seven budgets from seven  full-time RV life situations to help you understand the real costs of full-time RVing.

Ross Godwin, is a great example of some of the many full-time families that hit the road. With two adults and two kids, the family spends about $5,000 each month to afford the lifestyle. 

1. Full-Time Family – $5,000

Elizabeth Libby Wilson-Youd is one of those individuals who loves the program and shared how it allows her to reduce her budget drastically.

2. Full-Time Thousand Trails User – $4,000

When it comes to budgets, being exact and organized is important. Marvin Rutherford shared his very detailed and specific RV life budget.

3. The Detailed Record Keeper – $2,963

Jim Keener and his wife sold their house to enjoy the RV life, which only costs them approximately $2,000 each month.

4. The Spending Cautious Couple – $2,000

Benjamin Poulson would make Dave Ramsey proud as he’s debt-free and enjoying RV life. In addition, he lives stationary in his RV on land he owns. 

5. The Debt Free RVer – $900

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